eBanking - but secure!


«eBanking – but secure!» is an independent platform of Lucerne School of Information Technologies meant to help you maintain your personal computer security.

«eBanking – but secure!»

On our website www.ebankingbutsecure.ch, interested parties will find practical information on measures and rules of conduct required for the secure use of e-banking applications.

Lucerne School of Information Technologies  was charged with the creation of this portal by leading Swiss financial institutions, and is currently supported by more than 70 financial institutions from all over Switzerland and the Principality of Liechtenstein.

This website is available in four languages. We would like to thank our translators:

  • French: Anne Buffard
  • Italian: Matteo Cais
  • English: Jutta Schandel

Information security centre of excellence

Lucerne School of Information Technologies is actively involved in training and further education, offers specialized services and is also busy in the applied sciences sector.

Primarily, we are involved in the following fields of research:

  • E-banking, authentication
  • Anonymization of transaction and medical data
  • Identity and access management, role mining, authorization models
  • Secure field devices, embedded devices, security by design

To name but a few, we also offer the following services in addition to «eBanking – but secure!»:

  • Examination of IT concepts and architectures for their security
  • Examination of websites for their compliance with data protection regulations
  • Awareness training in organisations
  • Intrusion testing, ethical hacking for mobile devices (smartphone security in a corporate environment)

Lucerne School of Information Technologies and «eBanking – but secure!» are members of the «Swiss Internet Security Alliance».

We offer the following training and further education facilities in the information security sector:

Would you like some further information? Please contact us. We will be pleased to provide you with additional details.


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