eBanking - but secure!


Compared across international standards, Swiss financial institutions provide a very high level of security. Secure computer centres and security systems ensure customers’ data and finances are stored securely. External inspection bodies and ISO standards guarantee standardisation.

Secure computer centres

Software and hardware alone do not provide sufficiently secure protection for stored customer data and finances. Computer centres are protected against power cuts, fire, water and intrusion. Both computer and network are continuously monitored, serviced and kept up-to-date.

There are strict procedures regarding the access internal bank staff has to the computer centre and their internal access rights to sensitive data. All employees coming into contact with any customer data for instance are appropriately trained.

All measures, rulebooks and the overall infrastructure are continuously adapted to new conditions, and permanent data back-up ensures data continuity.


External inspection bodies and ISO standards

Financial institutions place utmost priority on secure storage of their customer data, with external inspection bodies and ISO standards guaranteeing standardisation.

The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority FINMA and other external inspection bodies check that all data protection laws and all additional guidelines are complied with.

Secure data storage is subject to an ISO standard (ISO 27002). Although compliance with this ISO standard is not mandatory, it is widely adhered to internationally, and by Swiss financial institutions in particular.


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