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In the opinion of leading antivirus manufacturers, the current malware situation is quiet. Any newly discovered threats were classified as mainly low-risk. It is interesting to note however that an unbelievable 230.000 PCs have become infected with the most widespread types of malware during the past 7 days alone.

Various antivirus manufacturers offer a wide range of information about current threats on their websites. You can for instance obtain specific information on malware prevalent in different regions from McAfee. In this respect, an analysis was undertaken on what type of malware has caused the most infections in Europe during the past 7 days. The most amazing discovery was that this mainly involves malware classified to be “low risk” and which has been known to be in circulation for quite some time now (between one and two years). The largest part of these infections could therefore have been prevented by simply keeping operating systems and antivirus software up-to-date – yet another indication of just how important automatic updates are.

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