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The specialists working at the Kaspersky antivirus manufacturer have analysed the 25 millionth type of malicious code. There seems to be no end to the increase in malicious code. In 2007, there were 2.2 million known types of malicious code - by the year 2008, this had increased to 20 million.

Kaspersky states that there is an increasing tendency to abuse social networks, such as Facebook, to spread malicious code. If the attacker succeeds in obtaining a member’s password, for instance by using a faked log-in page to a social network, he can then abuse the victim’s identity and account. He can for instance send a message containing a link to a website infected with malicious code to all the victim’s contacts. This is much more efficient than phishing, as the recipient is likely to trust a friend.

To protect yourself against this immense flood of malicious code, it is vital that you use automatic updates to keep your antivirus software up-to-date. It is just as important to run the latest program versions, such as the operating system and browser, on your PC at all times, by always installing the latest updates. It is very often the case that malicious programs exploit the latest security gaps.

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